Guaranteed Life Insurance with the Lifetime Commitment Guarantee™

Seniors United Guaranteed Life Insurance with the Lifetime Commitment Guarantee™, a whole life insurance policy underwritten by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company, can help ensure the security of your loved ones.   They will receive a benefit amount you choose to help cover the cost of funeral and other final expenses, or to leave a parting cash gift.   

With coverage in place you can take comfort in knowing that there will be financial support for your loved ones should the worst happen.

  • Coverage for as little as $11 per month*
  • No health questions. No medical exams
  • Optional $50,000 accidental death benefit rider
  • Limited benefits for death due to natural causes during the first 2 years of coverage, immediate coverage for accidental death

The Lifetime Commitment Guarantee™

  • Your premiums will NEVER increase - no matter how long you keep your policy
  • Your policy will NEVER be cancelled- providing peace of mind from a company you can trust
  • Your health will NEVER change your coverage - in sickness and health, we stand by our customers

We make it Personal

When you call Seniors United, our commitment is to provide you with the best personal service.  You will connect with one of our experienced Personal Agents licensed in your state. Our Personal Agents are highly trained in life insurance to ensure you get a product that meets your needs and budget.

Seniors United specializes in American seniors, focusing on the needs of men and women over the age of 45. We understand that seniors like you want to enjoy life without worrying about the future, and we are here to help you do just that! 

Just ask, we're here to answer your questions that help you make the choice that's right for you.

Free Will Kit

When you take out Guaranteed Life Insurance you can name the beneficiary of your choice, but of course you may have other assets you would like to share with your loved ones.

A will is a legal document where you declare who will manage your estate after you die, who you wish to become the guardian for any minor children or dependents, and who you want to receive items you own. Without a legal will in place, your estate and last wishes will be settled based on the laws of your state.

That’s why creating a will is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Documenting your last wishes helps avoid unnecessary stresses, and helps you gain peace of mind that your life’s worth will end up in the right hands.

Because we believe in the importance of a will, our FREE no obligation will kit is yours, regardless of whether you take out a policy or not. 

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